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Our Escape Rooms

Fun and Excitement

At Make The Xscape, we’re proud to showcase our selection of creative, mind-blowing escape rooms. Our games and themes cater to groups of all types and sizes. Whether you’re into a scary mystery or a strategic escape, we’ve got the room for you. Browse through our rooms below to learn more, and book with us today. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for promotions and discounts! 


The Cabin

You go into the wilderness to escape from the outside world. You have no cell service and you’re in the middle of nowhere. You return to your car and notice that two of your tires have been slashed, and you realize that you are not alone. Before they find you, getting inside the cabin and calling for help is your only means of survival.


Pawn Shop

Town legend has it that Lou's Pawn Shop is just a front. The word is there's approximately 2 million dollars in diamonds hidden in the pawn shop!! Lou has hired a top security company to install a security system in his pawn shop. Will you risk it all to find the stash?

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